General English


Cars & Driving

  • noun in a battery, the metal plate with holes, used as a conductor and a support for the active material


  • noun a system of numbered squares used to help when drawing
  • noun a matrix of lines at right angles allowing points to be easily plotted or located


  • In surveying, a system of evenly spaced perpendicular reference lines with its intersections used to measure elevations.
  • The structural layout of a given building.
  • A system of crossed reinforcing bars used in concrete footings.


  • A framework of parallel bars, lines, dots, or the like. Also, that resembling such a framework. Seen, for instance, in an optical device, an X-ray machine, an electrostatic shield, or another instrument or device where such a grid selectively passes particles, beams, rays, or waves.
  • A framework of crisscrossed parallel bars, lines, dots, or the like. Also, that resembling such a framework. Used, for instance, to measure, specify, or determine the position of objects or images.
  • In an electron tube, an electrode which controls the flow of electrons between the cathode and anode. The structure of a grid, such as a mesh or a plate with orifices, determines how the electron beam travels, and hence controls the flow of current in said tube. There may be more than one grid in an electron tube, and any such grid may also serve to control the passage of ions. If there is one grid, it is the same as control grid, and when there are multiple grids, the innermost grid is the control grid.
  • In a storage cell or battery, a metal plate which serves as a conductor, and which also provides support for the active material.
  • A network of high voltage transmission lines which link multiple electric power plants. Such a network may run through an entire country. Also called power grid.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a system of numbered squares allowing points to be easily plotted or located


  • noun a graph with lines crossing at right angles and items written in the boxes, used for comparison


  • noun a system of numbered squares printed on a map in order to produce references to particular points
  • noun a framework of spaced parallel bars designed to prevent entry


  • noun the mouth. The term, which is heard in northern speech, is almost invariably heard in the phrase ‘shut your grid!’.


  • Short for gridiron, the framework of pipes or battensover the stage from which lighting equipment and scenery is hung.The acting area is also divided into a grid for the purpose of workingout the positioning of the lights.


  • acronym forGlobal Resource Information Database
    (written as GRID)

Origin & History of “grid”

Grid is simply an abbreviated version of gridiron (13th c.). this in turn seems to have been an alteration (through association with iron) of griddle (13th c.), which is traceable back via Old French gridil to a hypothetical vulgar Latin *crāticulum, a diminutive form of Latin crātis ‘wickerwork, hurdle’ (from which English gets grate). A parallel feminine Vulgar Latin derivative, crāticula, produced English grill (17th c.) and grille (17th c.).