General English


  • A metal box-like structure with an open front and a rack on which to place food to be grilled. Elements on the underside of the top surface are heated to a red glow with either gas or electricity.

Real Estate

  • noun a device on a cooker that radiates heat downwards
  • noun a flat surface of parallel metal bars on which food is grill


  • verb to interrogate. Police and armed-forces slang of the 1950s which has become a widely used colloquialism.
  • verb to intrude upon someone‚Äôs personal space, from the noun form. A fashionable usage among adolescents since around 2002.


  • noun an open metal surface with heat above or below, used to cook meat, fish and some vegetables
  • noun a restaurant, or part of a restaurant, which specialises in grilled food
  • verb to cook food on or under a grill