General English

  • verb to hold something tight
  • verb to be very interesting to someone

Cars & Driving

  • noun the adhesion of a tyre to the road surface; important for roadholding and safe braking

Media Studies

  • noun a member of a filming crew responsible for moving and setting up heavy equipment such as camera dollies

Real Estate

  • noun a device for holding something firmly


  • noun a large crowd
  • noun money. In this sense the word was recorded in student usage in 2003.
  • verb to steal. A term used by young street-gang members in London since around 2000.


  • a firm texture of a wine, usually with high levels of tannin and good definition

Origin & History of “grip”

Grip comes from a prehistoric Germanic verb *gripjan, derived from a base *grip-. Variants of this base produced gripe (OE) (which originally meant simply ‘grasp’), grope (OE), and possibly also grab. French borrowed it as gripper ‘seize’, from which English gets the now obsolete grippe ‘flu’ (18th c.).