• The stage name of Charles Adrien Wettach (1880 - 1959),a Swiss-born clown who became a star of the British music halls. Grock'smostly mute act was built around a series of calculated disastersand his ability to play over a dozen musical instruments.

    The son of a watchmaker, Grock was performing acrobatics onthe stage at the age of 12. After arriving in Britain he teamed upwith another clown named Brick, but performed alone from 1911. Grockwas one of the few clowns to be successful both on the music-hallstage and in the circus. He returned to the Continent in 1924.

    When Kaiser Wilhelm I was introduced to Grock, he complimentedhim by saying, "I think you are even more famous than I am."The clown nodded appreciatively and replied, "Why not? I'm funnier."