• noun an interface between an operating system or program and the user that uses graphics or icons to represent functions or files and allow the software to be controlled more easily.
  • acronymWIMP
  • acronym forcommand line interface
  • noun a user interface in which the user controls the operating system or program by typing in commands; e.g. DOS is a command line interface


  • Acronym for graphical user interface, or graphic user interface. A user interface which utilizes displayed graphics to provide a simpler and more intuitive manner to interact with a computer. A GUI features a desktop, icons, dialog boxes, menus, buttons, and so on, which provide the choices available to a user at any given moment, and a pointing device such as a mouse or a stylus, so that the user may utilize them simply. Also called graphical interface, or graphics interface.
  • acronym forgraphic interface
  • acronym forgraphic user interface
  • acronym forgraphical interface
  • acronym forgraphics interface