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  • noun a close off-side fielding position (or the player occupying it) slightly behind the line of the batsman’s wicket, between the slips and point. Gully is a relatively recent term for a position that would formerly have been called short third man or backward point. It became established as a regular position in its own right – and thus eventually evolved a distinctive name – following the development of the modern off-theory attack towards the end of the 19th century.
    Citation ‘A. O. Jones … was, indeed, quite exceptional as a fieldsman in any position, but especially in the slips and at short third man, or in the “gully” as it is called nowadays’ (P. F. Warner, My Cricketing Life 1921)
    See fielding positions

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  • noun a gutter, open drain or other artificial channel for water, especially one at a roadside