General English

Cars & Driving

  • abbreviation
    (written as H)
    a letter on the sidewall of a tyre denoting the maximum speed for which it is designed (210 km/h or 130 mph).
  • symbol forspeed rating
    (written as H)
  • noun the maximum driving speed for which a tyre is designed, indicated by a letter in the tyre designation on the sidewall


  • (written as H)
    symbol for magnetic field strength, magnetic field intensity, or magnetic intensity.
  • symbol forhecto-
  • symbol forPlanck constant
  • chemical symbol forhydrogen
    (written as H)
  • symbol forhour
  • A metric prefix representing 100. For example, 1 hectometer is equal to 100 meters. Its symbol is h.
  • A fundamental physical constant equal to approximately 6.62607 × 10-34 joule-second. It is the ratio of the energy of a photon to its frequency. Its symbol is h.


  • noun
    (written as H)
    a type of blister agent.
  • symbol forLevenstein Mustard
    (written as H)


  • noun
    (written as H)
    heroin. This was the most popular term among British drug users in the 1950s and 1960s before being supplanted by smack, scag, brown etc.
  • symbol forsmack
    (written as H)
  • symbol forscag
    (written as H)
  • symbol forbrown
    (written as H)


  • symbol forhydrogen alpha
    (written as H)


  • symbol forhex
    (written as H)


  • prefix one hundred, 102.