• noun a photograph or image that originally had continuous tones, displayed or printed by a computer using groups of dots to represent the tones


  • The process of converting an image with continuous tones, such as a photograph, into an image with appropriately-spaced dots which simulate the original. When digitally printing a grayscale reproduction of such an image, the greater the number of equally-sized dots per unit area, the darker that particular segment is. Another procedure involves photographing the original through a special screen to obtain the halftone.
  • synonymhalf-step

Information & Library Science

  • noun continuous shading of a printed area
  • noun a shade of grey appearing to be halfway between white and black
  • noun an illustration made using the halftone process

Media Studies

  • noun a process by which shading is produced on an image by photographing it through a screen, then etching a plate so that the shading appears as dots