hard disk


General English


  • noun a computer disk which has a sealed case and can store large quantities of information



  • A magnetic storage medium used in computers, which consists of one or more rigid platters which rotate at very high speeds. Each of these platters, which are usually made of aluminum, is coated with a material which enables information to be encoded by altering the magnetic polarity of minute portions of the surface of each side of said platters, using read/write heads. Hard-drives are generally not removable, and also incorporate associated devices and wiring, such as a motor, access arms, connectors, and so on. Its abbreviation is HD. Also called hard disk drive (1), hard drive (1), or rigid disk.
  • acronymHD
  • synonymhard drive
  • An electromechanical device which reads and/or writes data to a hard disk.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a rigid magnetic disk usually built into a computer, which can store much more data than a floppy disk

Media Studies

  • noun a permanent storage disk in a computer, which is not removable