General English

  • noun tools and pans used in the home

General Science


  • noun machines used in data processing, including the computers and printers, but not the programs
  • noun solid goods for use in the house, e.g. frying pans or hammers


  • noun the physical units, components, integrated circuits, disks and mechanisms that make up a computer or its peripherals


  • A general term encompassing a vast array of metal and plastic fasteners and connectors used in or on a building and its inherent or extraneous parts. The term includes rough hardware, such as nuts, bolts, and nails, and finish hardware, such as latches and hinges.
  • The mechanical equipment associated with data processing. In building automation systems, computer hardware includes the central processing unit (CPU), hard disk drive, monitor (CRT), keyboard, controllers, and analog or digital point modules.


  • In a computer system, all the physical objects and equipment, such as the CPU, keyboard, mouse, monitor, memory, storage mediums, cables, connectors, cards, and so on. This contrasts with software, which consists of programs which tell the hardware what to do. A computer system is composed of both hardware and software. Also called computer hardware.
  • The physical equipment utilized for a given function, as opposed to ideas or designs detailed on paper.
  • A collection of tangible devices, such as an assortment of components, devices, and equipment.
  • acronymHW

Information & Library Science

  • noun the machinery of a computer, rather than the programs written for it

Media Studies

  • noun in computer science, the physical objects such as the monitor, disc drives, keyboard etc. needed to construct a computer.

Real Estate

  • noun tools and implements, usually made of metal, e.g. hinges, screws and hammers