Harry Fragson



  • (Harry Potts; 1869 - 1913) Anglo-French music hallentertainer, whose career was brought to a tragic end when his father,who was apparently jealous of his son's success, shot him dead duringa fit of insanity.

    Fragson began as a pianist and went to Paris to become a caf├ęconcert singer before moving on to the halls. He was the first music-hallsinger to accompany himself; his best-known song was 'Hullo Hullo,Who's Your Lady Friend?' He performed in Paris using his Cockney accentand switched to a French accent for his London appearances. He wasa well-known figure in pantomime at Drury Lane; when he playedDandini in Cinderella the character was renamed 'Dandigny'in allusion to his popularity on both sides of the Channel.