hat trick


General English


  • noun the act of dismissing three batsmen in three consecutive deliveries
    Citation ‘Ferrands performed the hat feat by bowling 3 wickets with successive balls of an over’ (Wisden 1873)
    Citation ‘Simpson-Hayward took seven wickets for 34 runs and three of those with consecutive balls. He was presented by the last batsman of the trio with a fez, in token of the hat-trick’ (Headlam 1903)
    Citation ‘With the score on 67, McGrath struck twice with two exquisite deliveries. The hat-trick ball looped into the slips, sparking huge appeals and much queasiness’ (Hugh Chevallier, Wisden 2006)


  • noun a series of three wins or successes, especially three goals scored by the same player

Idiom of “hat trick”

a three-in-a-row success