• noun the direction in which the longitudinal axis of the aircraft is pointing, expressed in degrees from north



  • In mining, the digging face and its immediate work area in a tunnel, drift, or gallery.
  • The increase of expansion of a localized cross-sectional area of metal bar due to hot-forging.
  • A general classification of a category of data, under which follow more specific classifications.
  • Pieces of lumber from which a keg, or barrel head, is cut.
  • stock after it has been cut and assembled to form a barrel head.


  • The horizontal direction in which a craft is pointing, expressed as an angular distance from a reference direction, such as true north or magnetic north. A heading is usually measured clockwise as an angle from 0° to 360° from the reference direction.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a word, phrase, title or name at the beginning of a page, section or catalogue entry


  • noun a title at the head of a page or part of a document


  • noun the title printed at the beginning of a section of a document