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  • The Health Utilities Index (HUI) is a generic, preference-scored, comprehensive system for measuring health statu s, health-related quality of life and producing utility scores. It is sponsored (and was essentially created by members of) the Health Utilities Group (HUG), which focuses on preference-based measures of health-related quality of life for describing treatment process and outcomes in clinical studies, for population health studies and economic evaluations of health care services. There are three versions of the Index: HUI Mark1 (HUI1), HUI Mark2 (HUI2) and HUI Mark3 (HUI3). HUI2 has seven attributes: Sensation on a scale of 1-4, Mobility (1-5), Emotion (1-5), Cognition (1-4), Self-care (1-4), Pain (1-5) and Fertility (1-3).
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