General English

  • noun the act of making it easier for someone to do something


  • noun a thing which makes it easy to do something



  • documentation available on-screen to users of devices such as computers and PDAs, which consists of instructions, hints, and other forms of assistance when using a given program. A program may have a manual readily available on disk which is accessed by mouse or keyboard commands, or it may be available through a Web site. When the help varies according to the task a user is working on, it is context sensitive.


  • noun something or somebody that makes it easier for you to do something
  • verb to make it easy for someone to do something or for something to be done

Origin & History of “help”

today, help is essentially a Germanic word. Related forms such as German helfen, Dutch helpen, Swedish hjälpa, and Danish hjælpe point to a Germanic ancestor *khelp-. But there is one clue – Lithuanian shélpti ‘help, support’ – that suggests that formerly it may have been much more widespread throughout the Indo-European languages, and came from an Indo-European source *kelp-.