General English

General Science

  • noun a plant that has medicinal properties


  • noun a plant that is used to add flavour in cooking
  • noun a non-woody flowering plant that has no perennial stem above the ground in winter
  • prefix
    (written as herb-)
    referring to plants or vegetation


  • A generic name for low growing plants and shrubs but more generally reserved for those plants with flavouring and medicinal properties. See culinary herb.


  • noun marihuana, herbal cannabis. This is probably the most common name for the drug in Caribbean use (usually pronounced ’erb). The word has been given especial prominence since the early 1970s by reference to it (in popular songs and elsewhere) by Jamaican Rastafarians, for whom it is sacramental. White British cannabis smokers adopted the term as an alternative to the more commonplace grass, bush, etc. in the mid-1970s.
  • noun a street urchin. A rare shortening of Herbert, typically pronounced ’erb.
  • noun a dupe. This term, heard in the 1990s in street argot, is probably taken from the proper name supposedly denoting a quintessential ‘sucker’. (H)erbert is the British equivalent.


  • noun a plant which can be used to give a particular taste to food or to give a particular scent