Hermione (Ferdinanda) Gingold



  • (1897 - 1987) British actress, who appeared successfullyin revues on both sides of the Atlantic. She first appeared on stageat the age of 11 and six years later played Jessica in The Merchantof Venice at the Old Vic. In 1936 her skill as a comedienne wasrevealed when she appeared in Herbert Farjeon's revue Spread itAbroad at the Saville Theatre, London.

    Gingold subsequently became one of the leading stars of intimaterevue, appearing in the Gate Revue of 1938 and Swingingthe Gate in 1940 before performing in the series of Sweet andLow revues at the Ambassadors Theatre (1943 - 47). In 1949she appeared with her arch rival Hermione Baddeley in a revival ofNoƫl Coward's Fallen Angels. Coward commented in his diary:"Gingold at moments showed signs that she could be funny. Baddeleywas disgusting..." Gingold made her New York debut in revuein 1951 and toured in America with Fallen Angels. In the 1950sand 1960s she appeared in a number of Hollywood musicals, includingThe Music Man and Gigi. Her son, the actor and directorStephen Joseph (1927 - 67), created Britain's first permanenttheater-in-the-round, the Victoria Theatre at Stoke-on-Trentin 1962.