Hindle Wakes



  • A play by Stanley Houghton (1881 - 1913), a dramatist ofthe Manchester school. First performed in 1912 at the AldwychTheatre, London, it was Houghton's only work not premiered at theGaiety Theatre in Manchester. Hindle Wakes was the playwright'smost successful and controversial work and has often been revived.Contemporary audiences were shocked by the heroine's attitude to herillicit affair with a rich man's son.

    Fanny Hawthorne, a working girl, has been seduced by AlanJeffcote, the son of a rich industrialist. Alan's father comes toan agreement with Fanny's father that a wedding must take place, butFanny refuses to marry Alan, whom she does not love or even respect.Alan's family admires her, but Fanny's mother is humiliated and ordersher out of the house. Thus liberated, Fanny sets out to take on theworld.