• noun an aggressive cross bat shot towards the mid-wicket or square leg boundary
    Citation ‘It is sufficiently clear, and unfortunately a matter of not uncommon experience … that one may perpetrate an outrageously rustic “hoick” in the very nick of time and achieve a terrific drive to the boundary’ (C.B. Fry, Cricket: Batsmanship 1912)
  • verb to hit the ball towards the mid-wicket or square leg boundary, playing an aggressive cross-bat shot off the back foot, but often with rather minimal footwork
    Citation ‘His century … had been reached in the most satisfying manner, rocking onto the back foot and hoiking Ambrose through midwicket for his 15th boundary’ (Mike Selvey, Guardian 9 April 1994)
    Citation ‘Flintoff had scored all but one of the 32 previous runs off the bat when Pietersen hoicked the slow left-arm of Yuvraj Singh to deep midwicket’ (Lawrence Booth, Guardian 29 March 2006)