hold up


General English

  • noun
    (written as hold-up)
    a delay; an occasion on which something is later than planned
  • noun
    (written as hold-up)
    an occasion on which a person with a gun steals money from someone
  • phrasal verb to support something
  • phrasal verb to make someone or something late
  • phrasal verb to use a gun to make someone give up all their money


  • phrasal verb to stay at a high level

Health Economics

  • (written as Hold-up)
    A rate of reimbursement by a purchaser at which the provider receives the lowest rate they are willing to accept to provide a service but which provides no incentive to invest.


  • noun
    (written as hold-up)
    the act of holding up a bank, etc.
  • verb to go into a bank, stop a lorry, etc., in order to steal money


  • verb to show or display