• noun a construction of wax, made by bees for storing honey

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  • noun a pattern of hexagonal shapes, like bees’ cells


  • In concrete, a rough, pitted surface resulting from incomplete filling of the concrete against the formwork, often caused by using concrete that is too stiff or by not vibrating it sufficiently after it has been poured.
  • Voids in concrete resulting from the incomplete filling of the voids among the particles of coarse aggregate, often caused by using concrete thatis too stiff.
  • In sandwich panel construction or in some hollow-cored doors, resin-impregnated paper is fabricated into a network of small, interconnected, open-ended, tubular hexagons laminated between two face panels to provide internal support.


  • The hexagonal wax storage chambers of the honey bee which are formed in stacked tiers and in which honey is stored. Honey can still be purchased in this form.


  • noun a construction of wax cells in which bees store honey