Hope Theatre



  • A theater in Southwark, London, that was also a venue for bull-and bear-baiting. Philip Henslowe added theater facilitiesin 1613, a year after the nearby Globe Theatre burned down, hopingto capture the latter's audience. The Hope had a roofed stage thatcould be removed for the baiting events and stables for six bullsand three horses.

    The leading actor at the Hope was Edward Alleyn,who was married to Joan Woodward, Henslowe's stepdaughter. A residentcompany, the Lady Elizabeth's Men led by Nathan Field (1587 - 1620),was engaged for the 1614 - 15 season and presented Ben Jonson'sBartholomew Fair amongst other works. Alleyn drew up a newcontract with the actors, renamed the Prince Charles's Men, but disputesarose and continued to the point of litigation; eventually, the Globewas rebuilt before the new theater could establish its popularity.It was demolished in 1687.