• noun a container with a hole at the bottom, for holding seed or fertiliser granules. The seed drops from the hole onto the ground or into channels taking it to drills.


  • noun a device which holds punched cards and feeds them into the reader


  • A top-loading, bottom-discharging funnel or storage bin, as for crushed stone or sand.
  • One of a pair of draft barriers at the sides of a hopper light.
  • A toilet bowl, usually funnel-shaped.


  • A type of flat bread or pancake made with rice flour and coconut milk and deep-fried until crisp.


  • noun a box where bills are put after being introduced in the house of Representatives


  • noun the part of a finishing machine onto which folded sections are loaded so that they can be bound


  • noun a toilet (bowl). A term favoured by ‘hard-hats’ and jocks among others. (A hopper is a large metal feeder container in grain silos.) Coincidentally or not, ‘the hopper’ is also in American usage to refer to the place where schemes are hatched and ideas nurtured. In business jargon or office slang to ‘put something in the hopper’ is to feed it into the system or to ‘put it on file’.