General English


  • noun a long, flexible pipe usually made of fabric, plastic or rubber for pumping gases or liquids


  • noun a long flexible tube made of rubber or waterproof fabric, which is designed to convey liquid over a short distance and then pour it into a container or over an object
  • noun a long sock, reaching to just below the knee, which is worn with shorts or a kilt


  • verb to have sex with. A mainly male vulgarism.

Origin & History of “hose”

The original meaning of hose was ‘leg-covering, stocking’. It comes from a prehistoric Germanic *khuson, which also produced German hose and Dutch hoos. It appears that the metaphorical transference from a ‘long tubular stocking’ to a ‘long tube for conveying liquid’ was first made in Dutch; it was introduced into English in the 15th century.