Hotel Paradiso



  • A farce by Georges Feydeau that opened in 1894 inParis. It was not performed in London until 1956, when an adaptationby Peter Glenville, with Alec Guinness as Boniface, was the last importantproduction at the Winter Garden Theatre before its demolition in 1965.

    The builder Boniface makes an assignation at the infamousHotel paradiso with Marcelle, the frustrated wife of his architectfriend Cot. Meanwhile Boniface's maid is after his nephew, and a friendarrives in Paris with his four daughters. Unfortunately, the friend'sfamily stay at Hotel Paradiso the same night as Boniface and Marcelle,the maid and nephew, and even Cot himself who has been called to checkthe noisy plumbing. Rooms get mixed unintentionally and names intentionally,but the resulting embarrassments are smoothed over in the end.