How the Other Half Loves



  • A comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, first performed in 1969at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarborough. In 1970 it transferred to the Lyric Theatre, London, and ran for two years with Robert Morley as Frank Foster. Morley subsequently toured with it in Canada and Australia.

    The play has a complicated setting that works surprisinglywell. Conversations taking place in two households are presented onthe same split set: in one scene, two dinner parties occurring onseparate nights are portrayed at the same time, with the main charactersmoving in swivel chairs back and forth between them. Frank Fosterinvites his employee Bob Phillips and his wife Teresa over for dinner,unaware that Bob is having an affair with his own wife Fiona; thefollowing evening, Bob and Teresa have dinner with the company accountantand his wife. Ayckbourn said of this scene: "People will playany game you want in the theater providing you set the rules out clearly."