• noun a batsman’s score of 100 runs or over; a century
    Citation ‘All of Lara’s three Test hundreds have been big ones, his previous highest being his 277 in Australia’ (Farokh Engineer, Sportstar [Chennai] 14 May 1994)
    Citation ‘Sachin had, after first becoming the youngest Ranji [Trophy] centurion, also become the youngest to score a hundred in the Irani Trophy’ (Purandare 2005)

Origin & History of “hundred”

The main Old English word for ‘hundred’ was hund, whose history can be traced back via a prehistoric Germanic *khundam to Indo-European *kmtóm; this was also the source of Latin centum, Greek hekatón, and Sanskrit çatám, all meaning ‘hundred’. The form hundred did not appear until the 10th century. Its -red ending (represented also in German hundert, Dutch honderd, and Swedish hundrade) comes from a prehistoric Germanic *rath ‘number’.