General English


  • noun the state or practice of being clean and keeping healthy conditions


  • The general term for those procedures and practices which prevent the transmission of disease between and to humans, the multiplication of harmful microorganisms in the body or environment and the accumulation of dirt, poisons and toxins where they could be harmful to living creatures

Human Resources

  • noun the quality of being clean or being careful that everything is clean and conditions are healthy


  • noun the procedures and principles designed to keep things clean and to keep conditions healthy


  • noun the practice of keeping oneself and your surroundings clean, in order to prevent disease.


  • noun actions to keep people and places clean and healthy

Origin & History of “hygiene”

Greek hugiḗs meant ‘healthy’. from it were formed the noun hugíeia ‘health’ (personified as Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health) and the adjective hugieinós ‘healthful’. this came to be used as a noun, hugieinḗ, ‘science of healthy living’, which passed via modern Latin hygieina and French hygiène into English.