• noun an image or a piece of text that a user clicks on in order to move directly from one webpage to another
  • noun a series of commands attached to a button or word on one webpage that link it to another page, so that if a user clicks on the button or word, the hyperlink will move the user to another position or display another page


  • noun a word or image or button in a webpage or multimedia title that moves the user to another page when clicked


  • An element within an electronic document, such as that displayed on a computer monitor, which links to other elements in different locations in the same or different documents. A hyperlink may be displayed as text, an icon, an image, or the like, and is usually accessed by clicking on it with a mouse or its equivalent. When viewing a Web page, for instance, such text, or hypertext, often appears underlined. Also, to create such an element. Also called link (3).

Information & Library Science

  • noun a word, symbol, image or other element in a hypertext document that links to another element in the same document or in another hypertext document