I Crepuscolari



  • An artistic movement in early 20th-century Italy that found expressionin a number of dramatic works. The movement, which took its name from theItalian word for twilight, was characterized by nostalgia, melancholy, anda pessimistic attitude to life.

    The leading playwrights of the Crepuscolari were FaustoMaria Martini (1886 - 1931) and Cesare Vico Lodovico (1885 - 1968).The former is noted for his satires on middle-class attitudes, suchas The Black Lily (1913), and Laugh, clown, Laugh! (1919),while the latter dealt with the failure of human beings to communicatein such Chekhovian works as Nobody's Woman (1919) and TheFlaw, or Isa, Where Are You Going? (1937).