I Have Been Here Before



  • A play by J. B. Priestley, first produced in 1937in London. Published with Time and the Conways as TwoTime Plays, it is based on the metaphysical concepts of recurringand spiral time. The plot hinges upon the arrival of a strange Germanguest, Dr Görtler, at the Black Bull Inn in north Yorkshire.His theories of 'eternal recurrence' disturb the guests, who includethe headmaster Oliver Farrant, the tycoon Walter Ormund, and his unhappywife Janet. She and Oliver are in love, but Görtler persuadesthem to abandon their hopes of a future together by revealing thathe has had a dream in which Walter commits suicide. Janet decidesto remain with Walter, but he, invigorated by Görtler's theories,tells her to leave with Farrant so that he can begin a new life.