• noun the process of receiving or transmitting data between a computer and its peripherals, and other points outside the system.


  • The transfer of data between a CPU and a peripheral. Such peripherals include those that serve mostly for input to the CPU, such as keyboards, pointing devices, digitizing tablets, scanners, and microphones, and peripherals which serve mostly for output, including monitors, printers, speakers, and so on. disk drives, for instance, may engage in frequent transfers in both directions. For any input process there is a corresponding output process, and vice versa. For instance, the output of a CPU is always the input of a peripheral.
  • The transfer of data between a computer or computer-controlled system, and a peripheral.
  • Pertaining to any device, piece of equipment, system, method, or media utilized for I/O (1), or I/O (2).
  • Pertaining to both the input and output of a component, circuit, device, piece of equipment, or system.


  • acronym forindustrial/organizational psychology

General Science

  • acronym forinput/output