• abbreviation the International Cricket Council: the governing body for cricket at the international level. The ICC is responsible for – among other things – approving the details of Test tours and other international tournaments like the World Cup, conferring Test status on new countries, and discussing proposals for changing the Laws of the game. It was founded on 15th June 1909, as the Imperial Cricket Conference, and its original members were England, Australia, and South Africa. India, New Zealand, and the West Indies were admitted to membership in 1926, followed by Pakistan in 1953, while South Africa’s membership lapsed on its withdrawal from the Commonwealth in 1961. In 1964 the ICC changed its name to become the International Cricket Conference and a new two-tier membership system was adopted, involving a distinction between ‘Full Members’, whose representative sides are qualified to play official Test matches, and ‘Associate Members’, comprising those countries ‘where cricket is firmly established and organised’. The six countries already belonging in 1965 became Full Members, and the election of Sri Lanka to full membership in 1981 brought the number of Test-playing countries to seven. South Africa was re-admitted to the ICC in 1991, followed a year later by Zimbabwe. The most recent recruit to the top tier is Bangladesh, admitted as a Full Member in 2000. Meanwhile, a third category of membership, ‘Affiliate Members’ was established in 1984, with Italy its first representative. In 2006, there were 10 Full Members, 32 Associates, and 55 Affiliates. The ICC adopted its current name in 1989.
  • acronymIWCC
  • abbreviation International Women’s Cricket Council, the former governing body for women’s cricket at international level, now integrated into the ICC