• noun the act of forming a corporation, or of giving a company or other body the legal form of a corporation. A corporation (a body which is legally separate from its members) is formed in one of three ways: 1. registration under the Companies Act (the normal method for commercial companies); 2. granting of a royal charter; 3. by a special Act of Parliament. A company is incorporated by drawing up a memorandum and articles of association, which are lodged with Companies House. In the UK, a company is either a private limited company (they print Ltd after their name) or a public limited company (they print Plc after their name). A company must be a Plc to obtain a Stock Exchange listing. In the USA, there is no distinction between private and public companies, and all are called corporations (they put Inc. after their name).

Media Studies

  • noun the way in which underground cultural forms are absorbed and ‘softened’ by popular culture, as happened with punk


  • noun act of incorporating something