General English

General Science

  • noun the act or an instance of becoming greater or more
  • verb to become greater or more or make something greater or more


  • noun an act of becoming larger
  • noun a higher salary
  • verb to make something bigger or higher


  • noun a rise to a greater number or degree

Information & Library Science

  • verb to make something larger in amount

Origin & History of “increase”

The -crease element in increase (which occurs also, of course, in its antonym decrease) means ‘grow’. It comes from Latin crēscere ‘grow’ (source of English crescent), which combined with the prefix in- to produce incrēscere ‘grow in, grow on’. this passed into Old French as encreistre, which English originally took over as encres. The Latin-style spelling, with in- instead of en-, was reintroduced in the 15th century. Derived from Latin incrēscere was incrēmentum ‘growth, increase’, which gave English increment (15th c.).