General English

  • noun the process of starting a new person in a new job

General Science


  • noun the process by which the fuel/air mixture is drawn into the cylinders of an internal combustion engine
  • noun the production of electrical current in a conductor by a change of magnetic field

Cars & Driving


  • noun an introduction to a new organisation or a new job


  • noun the process of mathematically proving a formula or fact


  • The entrainment of air in a room by the strong flow of primary air from an air outlet.


  • The generation or modification of electric fields, magnetic fields, voltages, or currents, through the influence of nearby entities.
  • The generation of an electromotive force in a circuit or conductor caused by a change in the magnetic flux through said same circuit or conductor. Also called electromagnetic induction.
  • The modification of the distribution of electric charge on an body as influenced by another nearby body which is charged. positive charges will induce a negative charges, and vice versa. Also called electrostatic induction.


  • noun the process of starting or speeding up the birth of a baby
  • noun the stimulation of an enzyme’s production when the substance on which it acts increases in concentration
  • noun a process by which one part of an embryo influences another part’s development
  • noun information and support given to new employees in an organisation