• Harm to an industry's owners and/or workers. Import protection under the safeguards, AD, and CVD provisions of the GATT require a finding of serious (for safeguards) or material (for AD/CVD) injury (as determined by, in the U.S., the ITC). Known as the injury test.


  • noun violation of a person’s rights


  • noun damage or a wound caused to a person’s body


  • noun physical harm to a person

Origin & History of “injury”

Etymologically, an injury is something ‘unjust’. It comes via Anglo-Norman injurie from Latin injūria, a noun use of injūrius ‘unjust’, which was a compound adjective based on jūs ‘right’ (source of English just). Its original meaning in English was ‘wrongful action’, and it was only gradually that the notion of ‘harm’ (which had actually been present in the word from classical Latin times) began to come to the fore.