General English


  • noun a division of a cricket match in which one of the two teams has its turn to bat, or is ‘in’
    Citation ‘During the match the pitch may be rolled at the request of the captain of the batting side, for a period of not more than 7 minutes, before the start of each innings’ (Law 10 § 1)
  • noun the turn of an individual player to bat, especially when considered in terms of the number of runs he scores or the quality of his batting
    Citation ‘Ponsford and Oldfield [put on] 63 more for the sixth and I was dreadfully sorry that Oldfield’s innings should end as it did’ (Larwood 1933)
    Citation ‘At Old Trafford, Botham played an innings of classical power and splendour’ (Brearley 1982)
    Citation ‘Eager to redeem his first-innings duck, Anwar plays, as he so often has against India, an innings on which the match may turn’ (Bhattacharya 2006)


  • noun a team’s or batsman’s turn at batting
  • noun the runs scored by a player or team during a turn at batting