General English

General Science

  • noun something such as energy, electrical power, fertilisers or information, put into a system to achieve a specific result
  • noun the action of transferring information into a computer


  • noun what is contributed to an activity or project


  • noun data or information that is transferred into a computer
  • noun electrical signals which are applied to relevant circuits to perform the operation
  • verb to transfer data or information from outside a computer to its main memory
  • abbreviationi/p


  • noun a resource applied to production, one of the four factors of production (land, labour, machinery and capital)

Health Economics

  • (written as Input)
    The resources that are used in production processes.
  • synonymfactor of production
    (written as Input)

Media Studies

  • noun a contribution to something, especially comments or suggestions made to a group
  • verb to type something into a computer


  • symbolI