General English

  • noun a paper which is put inside something
  • verb to put something inside something else

Cars & Driving

  • noun a technique of permanently joining plastics and other materials, e.g. embedding steel clips in a moulded plastic cover


  • noun a form or leaflet which is put inside something, usually a magazine or newspaper


  • verb to add new text inside a word or sentence


  • A patch, plug, or shim used to replace a defect in a plywood veneer.
  • A unit of hardware embedded in concrete or masonry to provide a means for attaching something.
  • A nonstructural patch in laminated timber, made for the sake of appearance.


  • verb (of a captain) to put the opposing side in to bat after winning the toss
    Citation ‘The West Indies won the toss and Clive Lloyd confidently inserted the Indians. His decision appeared vindicated when Gavaskar was caught off Roberts for two in the second over’ (Marqusee 1994)
    Citation ‘McGrath’s grunts of pain were still fresh in his ears when he [Ponting] inserted England, perhaps partly as a vote of confidence in the rest of his attack’ (Haigh 2005)

Information & Library Science

  • noun additional information printed on a separate sheet of paper and put inside a magazine or document

Media Studies

  • noun a piece of extra text added into text that has already been written


  • verb to put one thing into another
  • verb to move into an area of operations