inside edge



  • noun the edge of the bat, when held more or less perpendicularly, that is closer to the batsman; the ‘leg-side’ edge of the bat
    Citation ‘Rutherford went stubbornly on, but at 92 he played back at Statham and was caught at the wicket, apparently off the inside edge’ (Peebles 1959)
  • noun an unintentional deflection of the ball off the inside edge of the bat
    Citation ‘Jeff Crowe got away with what looked as though it must have been an inside edge to Bob Taylor’ (John Thicknesse, Cricketer April 1984)
    Citation ‘There was a biggish shout for LBW by Gul, but Cook got an inside-edge so big it could have been a steak in an American diner’ (Rob Smyth, Guardian 13 July 2006)
  • verb
    (written as inside-edge)
    to deflect the ball unintentionally off the inside edge of the bat
    Citation ‘Six batsmen were caught behind off outside edges, one inside-edged onto the stumps, another top-edged’ (Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, Cricinfo Magazine July 2006)


  • noun the edge of a piece of text or a margin which is near the binding