• noun a ball that swings in towards leg from a line initially closer to the off
    Citation ‘Edgar struck a typically trenchant 84 and Cairns’s mild inswingers brought a handful of wickets’ (Peter Roebuck, Cricketer November 1983)
    Citation ‘Two more second-innings wickets included an inswinger for an lbw decision against Adam Gilchrist – a collector’s item, that one, as Gilchrist had never before been dismissed lbw in a Test by a fast bowler’ (David Hopps, Wisden 2006)
  • noun an inswing bowler
    Citation ‘If one of the opening bowlers is an inswinger he [the batsman] should open his stance to bring himself in line with the ball from the bowler’s hand’ (Alf Gover, Cricketer September 1984)