General English

General Science

  • noun a period of time between two events


  • noun a small initial routine at the start of a program that carries out housekeeping tasks


  • A brief and usually comic dramatic piece in 15th- and 16th-centuryEngland. It represents a transitional form between medieval Englishtheater and the Elizabethan drama. Often performed at banquets, itwas similar to the Italian intermezzo and the Spanish entrem├ęs.Such sketches were first performed in England by the Players of theKing's Interludes (Lusores Regis) at the court of Henry VII.In the hands of its main exponent, John Heywood (1497 - 1580),the genre developed into a shorter piece performed between the actsof a full-length play. Heywood's most famous interlude was TheFour Ps (1520). The form disappeared entirely during the reignof Elizabeth I.