internal market



  • noun
    (written as Internal Market)
    the EU considered as one single market, with no tariff barriers between its member states

Health Economics

  • (written as Internal Market)
    Market-like arrangements used within publicly provided services like health care. The central characteristic of internal markets is that the players are divided functionally into purchasers (sometimes called commissioners) and providers, with the former contracting with the latter to provide services of specified types to a specified group of clients (usually defined on a geographical basis) at an agreed cost and to agreed standards. England's National Health Service is essentially organized as the world's largest internal market, in which Primary Care Trusts commission (they are also providers of primary care services) hospitals to provide secondary care.

Human Resources

  • noun a way of operating a large organisation, where each manager becomes a separate entrepreneurial unit which is run as if totally independent from the rest of the group