International Centre for Theatre Research



  • An organization founded in Paris in 1970 by the directors PeterBrook and Jean-Louis Barrault. The original aimof the project was to provide a point of contact between performersfrom different nations and diverse theatrical disciplines, and fromthis basis to work towards an "international theater language".In 1972 the company performed Orghast, a play written in aninvented language by Ted Hughes, at Persepolis, a ruined city in Iran.Two years later the organization moved from its original base in adisused tapestry factory to the Théâtre des Bouffes duNord, a dilapidated former music hall in Paris. The venue is now establishedas one of the foremost centres of experimental drama in France.

    The company also tours widely and has presented works in America,Australia, India, and Africa, where the actors performed improvisationsin remote Saharan villages. The organization's most audacious productionto date, however, is its 1985 staging of the nine-hour Indian epicThe Mahabharata, originally in a quarry near Avignon andsubsequently at venues across Europe.