International Theatre Institute



  • (ITI) An international theatrical organization, now based in Paris.It operates under the aegis of the United Nations Educational, Scientific,and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), which provides a yearly subsidy.ITI works through its 50 national centres to promote contracts betweentheater workers in different countries and the exchange of informationon specific problems, trends, and developments in the theater.

    The Institute was founded in 1948 in Prague as a branch ofUNESCO. From 1950 until 1968 it published World Theatre, aquarterly illustrated journal, and from 1955 it sponsored an annualfestival, the Théâtre des Nations. ITI also holds a worldcongress every two years and sponsors conferences and seminars ontopics such as the training of actors and theater architecture.

    The individual centres provide information and research facilities.The British centre, one of the first national ITI groups established,is a clearing house for information on the British theater. The UScentre is housed in the August Wilson Theatre, New York.