General English


  • verb to bring something into being or start to use something new
  • verb to bring something to a new place


  • verb to make someone get to know somebody or something


  • verb to present two people to one another when they have never met before
  • verb to start a new way of doing something


  • verb to present something or to put something forward


  • verb to make somebody get to know a new person or thing

Origin & History of “introduce”

Introduce means etymologically ‘lead inside’. It was borrowed from Latin intrōdūcere ‘lead in’, a compound verb formed from the prefix intrō- ‘in, inside’ and dūcere ‘lead’ (source of English duct, duke, educate, produce, etc). Of its main secondary meanings, ‘use for the first time, originate’ emerged in Latin but ‘make known personally to others’ seems to have been a later development.