• noun a ball that moves unexpectedly in the air or off the pitch, and is almost impossible for the batsman to play successfully; an unplayable delivery, so called because – from the bowler’s point of view, at least – it is a ‘juicy’ delivery
    Citation ‘One of Nash or Larsen is unlikely to play at Lord’s … which presents the tourists with a ticklish dilemma. Larsen can land the ball in the right place regularly but at an innocuous pace. Nash can’t, but occasionally bowls a “jaffa”’ (Vic Marks, Observer 12 June 1994)
    Citation ‘Terence Duffin received a peach of an outswinger, Hamilton Masakadza missed a similar delivery that angled in; Tatenda Taibu got a jaffa that seamed away’ (Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, Cricinfo 20 September 2005)