• (written as Java)
    a trade name for a programming language and program definition developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is used to create small applications designed to enhance the functionality of a webpage. It is similar to object-oriented languages such as C++ and can run on any compatible platform.


  • (written as Java)
    A robust object oriented programming language especially suited for Internet and intranet applications. It is similar to C++, but is simplified, smaller, and easier to use. In addition, Java provides its own memory management, is secure, and essentially architecture-independent.


  • noun coffee. An Americanism that spread worldwide through the influence of Hollywood and pulp-fiction writers. Coffee was imported from Java in the 19th century.


  • noun coffee, especially brewed coffee as opposed to instant coffee
  • noun
    (written as Java)
    a variety of rich coffee grown on Java and the surrounding islands