General English


  • A device that facilitates the fabrication or final assembly of parts by holding or guiding them in such a way as to ensure their proper mechanical and relative alignment. A jig is especially usefulin ensuring that duplicate pieces are identical.


  • A base or device which helps to position, guide, or hold parts being worked on, or the tools utilized for said work.


  • noun a black person. A racist term (probably a shortening of jigaboo) employed by police officers, among others. It was used in the G. F. Newman TV play, Black and Blue, in September 1992.


  • In the Elizabethan theater, a short musical farce presentedby a clown and two or three other actors as an afterpieceto full-length tragic works. Usually restricted to smaller theaters,the jig consisted of comic rhymes on topical subjects, sung to well-knowntunes while the performers danced. The genre was popularized by RichardTarlton and perfected by William Kempe.